Frequently Ask Questions

The Basics

There is no upfront cost to submitting an application to the IGB. Once you have been approved by the IGB, the yearly cost will be $100 to maintain a valid establishment license. In addition to the IGB fee you may also be required by the city you are located in to pay a yearly “sticker fee” for each VGT. This rate varies by city, please contact GGI for the exact cost for the city you are located in.

The average client will generate $60,000 per year. Adding video gaming can help assist you in meeting your financial goals. This income has allowed many of our clients to make additional investments in their locations, further enhancing their overall establishment.

On average the process takes two to three months from application submittal to licensure. There is no way to expedite the licensing process, although some terminal operators may claim that they can- this is false.

GGI has experienced staff that will walk you through the entire application process. We are able to assist in applying for a local or state liquor license, gathering and notarizing the forms needed for the IGB application and submitting the IGB application on your behalf.

The first step after submitting your application is to get fingerprinted, this includes any owner with 5% or more of ownership, any officers and the video gaming manager. The IGB will then process your application and have a field agent conduct a site visit. GGI personnel will ensure you know who needs to be fingerprinted and the closest location to accomplish this.

Once an application is submitted the IGB, it may take as little as 30 days to approve your application. Once approved, machines will be moved into the establishment expeditiously (typically within 1-5 days). Once machines are in your establishment, GGI submits documentation to establish an appointment with the IGB to activate machines – this appointment is granted within 14 days of the request. This appointment date is set by regulatory protocol and outside the terminal operator’s control. On the date of the appointment, your machines will “go live” allowing them to be played.

Per the IGB, each licensed establishment is allowed to have up to five VGTs.

You will be required to have a valid local and state liquor license before you are eligible to submit your application to the IGB. If you are applying to become a licensed truck stopestablishment there are additional requirements.

GGI will electronically transfer the funds to your bank account twice a month.

Depending on the available space of the establishments and the number of machines, the overall gaming area is recommended at between 120 – 150 square feet, which will include the gaming terminals, chairs and tables and the payout device. GGI suggests the machines to be properly spaced for comfort and privacy and will develop a custom layout for your establishment.

GGI takes great pride in properly integrating video gaming to fit into your establishment. By creating a private gaming area, not only are you providing privacy to your gaming patrons, but also providing a barrier from your establishment to separate the gaming from your existing customers.

Although there are a number of attributes to a successful gaming establishment, the most important are cleanliness, customer service, layout, design, hours of operation and machine mix.

You are required to have an on-premise liquor license, which allows you to pour beer, wine or liquor to be served at the establishment.

The majority of counties and municipalities in the state of Illinois do allow video gaming. To see if your municipality allows video gaming please check the IGB website or call GGI.

No, your employees will not need to redeem any tickets or handle any cash. GGI utilizes a kiosk payout device which is accessible by each video gaming patron.

No. The IGB has a very clear and defined no inducement policy. The revenue split is written in Illinois law and mandates 25% to the state, 5% to the municipality, 35% to the establishment and 35% to the terminal operator. Furthermore, it is a direct violation of the inducement policy to accept anything of value in exchange for signing with a terminal operator.

Hours of operation of VGTs must coincide with the legal hours of operation for the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises. However, a licensed truck stop establishment that does not hold a liquor license may operate VGTs on a continuous basis.

Service & Support

Yes, GGI service reaches throughout the entire state of Illinois.

Even with proper maintenance, a machine in your facility will occasionally need repair. In these cases, you are asked to contact GGI through our technical service number. In 30 minutes or less, an GGI technician will contact you, assess the problem, and offer technical assistance. In most cases, the repair and/or question can be handled remotely – the technician can access your machines remotely and restore the machine into operation. Other times, a technician will be dispatched to your establishment and the repair will take place.

Yes, we work with you to develop strategic marketing plans. In accordance with IGB regulation, we can participate in financial co-op programs. GGI offers graphic design assistance on all marketing items, ensuring brand consistency.

Yes, you will have an account manager who will work closely with you.

Once machines are active, your GGI account manager will conduct on-site training with you and your employees. This training will cover the most commonly encountered questions from players and extensive training on how to serve gaming customers. GGI has developed key tactics in customer service to foster loyalty and repeat business and has developed a comprehensive training manual for our clients to refer back to. As staff changes we will retrain as necessary.

Refer to our checklist for step by step details.

Performance & Profit

GGI reports and analyzes local market share and specific establishment performance data and provides it to clients daily.

GGI establishments earn an average of $95,000+ per year, which is two times the state average!

With more than 23 years of experience running high performing gaming establishments much like your own, we know the needs of the establishment and the gaming guest better than anyone. We translate this knowledge into action plans for our clients helping them outperform in their respective markets. GGI clients earn nearly two times more than clients of other terminal operators.


Gaming machines similar to slot machines. Each VGT offers different games depending on manufacturer and type including video poker and line games.

NTI is defined as the difference between cash wagered on each machine less the cash won on each machine. This amount is then split in accordance with the Video Gaming Act between the state, city/county, Establishment and Terminal Operator.

Money that is placed into each VGT by players.

The Illinois Gaming Board is responsible for regulating the gaming industry in Illinois.

A game manufacturer used by GGI offering slot titles such as Big City 5’s, Smash the Pig, The Big Easy, and The Wildlife.

A game manufacturer used by GGI offering slot titles such as Diamond’s O’Dublin, Invaders from the Planet Moolah, and Count Money.

A game manufacturer used by GGI offering slot titles such as Kitty Glitter, Golden Goddess, Black Widow, and Stinkin’ Rich.

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